1. hoganjared:

    Set in the stark backdrop of an American suburban winter, Small Little Things follows the story of two teenagers as they meet and fall in love. A dreamy, surreal portrait of young love, shifting between fantasy and memory.

    2014 Official Selection at the Raindance Film Festival

  2. davykesey:

    I really like these photos, a lot. I rarely feel like I’ve adequately captured a moment or a person in my portraits. This time I did.

  3. davykesey:

    Black Tap Coffee // Sarah

    by Davy Kesey

  4. voyageetlaventure:

    I went to Iceland. 

  6. kruhn:


    My sister in the south of Chile. We are sitting at home next to the fireplace in our southern lake house when it suddenly began to pour uncontrollably. Had to rush into the lake to take this snapshot! - Camila Massu/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

    i will never go without reblogging this. You’re a wonderful photographer! ^

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  7. hoganjared:


  9. Really enjoyed shooting with my sister

  10. I was feeling nostalgic today, so I started stacking some old stuff